Seamless integration with your Stinger

For optimal protection against laser*, the choice is easy: Stinger Laser. Only Stinger Laser seamlessly integrates with your Card, DSI or VIP. Only Stinger Laser is easily updatable by the user and therefore highly future proof. Only the advanced level of Stinger Laser provides integrated protection against modern side-lasers. And only Stinger Laser is covertly small.

Small, Smaller, Smallest

Clever design and custom made integrated circuitry have enabled Stinger to develop ‘lipstick-sized’ laser units, while still offering unsurpassed protection.

Laser Fibre: Stingers unique side laser protection

Additionally, we offer unique protection against side-laser speed traps*, the lateral laser traps used in more and more countries throughout the world. With breakthrough engineering Stinger has developed laser units the size of pinheads that can easily be placed in the required lateral position at the front or rear of the car: Laser Fiber.

Customised Protection

One tiny laser will safely shield your license plate. For extra protection of a robust front additional lasers can seamlessly be clicked in. You can choose between two remarkably small Lasers: Laser Round and Laser Square.

If you would like protection against side-lasers as well, you can further enhance your Stinger with Laser Fiber.


Stinger DSI Classic Popular

The Laser Round, with the looks and dimensions of a standard park assist ‘eye’, is perfect for integration in the bodywork of your car.


Stinger DSI Classic Popular

The Laser Square becomes completely covert when placed between the grille blades.


Stinger DSI Classic Popular

Only Stinger Laser Fiber provides integrated side-laser protection, with just the tip of the fiber optic cable requiring a clear view (towards the side of the road). It will go virtually unnoticed anywhere.


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